121st Year of the Traditional Larchmont Race Week

Light and shifty winds have been traditionally brought by the western Long Island Sound during the July month. The Larchmont’s Race Week which is held annually in the third week of July has enjoyed unusual conditions for the last few years.

The conditions were absolutely great for sailing. But the light and variable wind conditions returned to enhance the sailing challenge at the Larchmont Race Week. It is the 121st edition this year and the competition was held from July 13 to July 21. The competitors started giving comments on the race week and the frequent theme for them was if anyone wished to win the race, connecting the dots of shifts and puffs was of utmost importance.


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Bridgewater Couple Prayed Like Hell to Survive Rocky Norwegian Cruise

A couple from Bridgewater had been aboard the cruise ship of Viking Sky which was caught in a bomb cyclone in Norway’s western coast over the weekend. Pamela Haddad had been afraid that he wasn’t going to make it off the cruise. Waves were pounding on the boat side. The chairs and tables were sliding across the dining room. There was no power and glass had been breaking down everywhere.

Pamela said that when you are surrounded by windows on all sides, you get to see what the ocean actually looks like. She says that it didn’t actually look good. She goes on to say that there were people who were shrugging it off saying that it wasn’t too bad and they knew what they are doing. However, she says that if you have ever seen The Perfect Storm, the movie, it appeared just like it. It had been quite rough.

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Bermuda Is Going To Welcome Back Match Racing With The Agro Group Gold Cup In May 2019

The Agro Group Gold Cup 2019’s planning is currently in full swing while it is scheduled to be held from May 6-11th in Hamilton, Bermuda. The invitation for this emblematic match racing event was sent off 12 skippers on the basis of their world ranking and past participation, as they would be competing for a $100,000 prize. Hamilton Harbor would be witnessing fleets for the competitions in International One-Design (IOD) sailboats.

Earlier in 2018, the dates for The Agro Gold Cup was scheduled to be held in traditionally its original October month but later it was shifted from October to May and fortunately proved to be quite successful, this, in turn, made the organizers decide to schedule the 2019 event in May this year as well in order to acquire the same level of success and attention that it did last year.

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World Sailing Welcome Parties To Tender For New Digital Platform

World Sailing, who is the governing body of world for the sport, is continually looking to show its support to the sailing to become more effective, engaging, fresh and dynamic. It is looking for some new ways that appeal to non-sailors and sailors in the similar manner.

Over the last 24-months, the organization World Sailing has been on its journey of change, and striving to stand out in the marketplace of sport and entertainment and attracting more people from different nationalities, backgrounds and ages to become the part of the global sailing community.

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Upcoming World Sailing Awards

There will be the World Sailing Awards event held soon, in a week’s time. At this event there would be several distinguished names in the sailing community who would be celebrated for their achievements at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The awards ceremony would celebrate the achievements of the sailors across the world for the contributions they have made as well as the effort and time they dedicate to the sport.

The event would be hosted by Alec Wilkinson, who is a sailing broadcaster. He would be accompanied by Sofia Bekatorou who has also held accolades like holder of Olympic medals or having held the title of Rolex World Sailor of the Year. This event will also see accolades being given out such as President’s Development Trophy or the Beppe Croce Trophy. The nominees who would be selected for the title of Rolex World Sailor of the Year would have sailors who have competed in Olympic and Offshore classes, windsurfing, America’s Cup, Vendee Globe and so forth. This award will provide recognition to the sailors and is considered a prestigious award. The award was incepted in 1994; it has accumulated several names of those who have showcased endurance, performance and unparalleled accomplishment in the art of sailing.

The national authorities who are members of the World Sailing organization will decide on the winners; there is also an option for the public to cast their votes, which will remain open to receiving nominations through the website sailing.org till 4th November. The coveted male and female titles would be awarded on 7th November. Before the awards for male and female Rolex World Sailor titles for this year are announced the recipients of the other two trophies would be announced. Indeed, the award ceremony will see many dignitaries and personalities from the sailing world grace the occasion.

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Jess Sea The Sailing Yacht For Sale

The sailing yacht Jess Sea, which is 26.5 meters long, has changed the central agencies and now it is listed for sale.

It has been listed for sale by Bill Sanderson at Global Yachts of Palm Beach.

The sailing yacht is built up of aluminum material and was constructed by Merrifield-Roberts and designed by MacLear & Harris. It was delivered in 2002. The yacht is of big volume both out and inside. It can comfortably accommodate six guests in three cabins, which comprises of one full-beam master suite and two twins. All the rooms have entertainment centers, en-suite marble shower and flat screen television facilities. At the front, there is a large cabin present that is for the sleeping of four crews.

The saloon, which is full-beam in the yacht is expansive and has great ocean views via a large port that offers ample amount of openness and natural light. There is an ebony dining table present in the port offering the seating capacity for seven guests, whereas at the starboard there is a seating area that has the leather upholstered chairs. The yacht saloon also features granite-topped counters, hand-sealed dark teak flooring, an entertainment center and a teak staved ceiling including a large flat screen television. (more…)

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Results Act 2 Extreme Sailing

For those who have been following Act 2 of Extreme Sailing Series that was held in Qingdao, China last weekend, they will be pleased to know that Alinghi was able to get gold as it was predicted from their performance during the series.

This was their second successful annual stint as they swept the crown away in Act 2 of Extreme Sailing Series. The seven international teams that participated in Act 2 at Qingdao had been facing conflicting weather conditions which made sailing uncertain till the last day. On the final day there was a welcome breeze that developed at a speed of eighteen knots and helped the Alinghi team to lead in an impressive finish. The fleet is now on a break as they will resume the series at the archipelago of Madeira in Portugal from June 29th to July 2nd. (more…)

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Wild Oats XI Stuck In Controversy

Wild Oats XI has stuck between the controversies because of its overall length before Sydney to Hobart super maxi length.

According to reports Wild Oats XI does not comply with the rules and overall length of the boat is more than what is required. However, the skipper of boat Mark Richards and Australian sailing both disagree with the view and says, boat complies all the laws.

The book of David Salter Ragamuffin Man questioned the Wild Oats XI and said its length is not according to the rules of the Sydney to Hobart. The bow added in the hull of the boat is an integral part of the boat and this increases the size of super maxi beyond the limit set for competition. According to eligibility of Sydney to Hobart, the boat shall have a maximum overall length of 30.48 meters and overall hull length should not exceed the maximum length of 100 feet (Measured from stern to stern) (more…)

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Will Sailing Get In Paralympic 2024?

After exclusion of sailing sports in Paralympic 2020 that will hold in Tokyo, Japan, entire sailing world and others in sports have joined hand to re-introduce sailing in Paralympic 2024. The fate of the sport will be decided in the annual conference of World Sailing 2016.

The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain on 8 November 2016, with many sailing oacross to the conference on a Split Flotilla Charter.  The conference will be shown live on the YouTube channel of World Sailing. Sports person associated with this game is hopeful and feeling motivated by the efforts of the Para World Sailing forum.

Those who want to participate in a conference of the Paralympic World Forum can follow the forum discussion from 14:30 – 17:30 local time on World Sailing’s YouTube Channel. The link to reach the program directly is here . The conference will held on 8 November at mention time. (more…)

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Sewell Wins The Evening Series

The Evening Series of Walton and Frinton Sailing Club continued and the race 4 to be held in excellent weather conditions. John Sewell had all smiles as he achieved 1st place in fleet one of the handicap.

Overall, there were 14 dinghies that began at the Spit buoy to defeat Twizzle in 8 to 10 knots. And like always, the fleet 2 was first away. Sam Ward and Robin Cooper, the two champions had the best of the launch as they left the other modern dinghies to get closer. Fleet 1 had the faster boats and was set off within a few minutes, with the winners of that category being rewarded with a week’s yacht chartering in Greece courtesy of plainsailing.com.

Martin Jenkins was the one at the end of the line that achieved first, although John Sewell did make a strong attempt to beat him on starboard tack. The course had taken back both fleets to the Twizzle and reached up to Hedge End. This was done before they repeated the course for the 2nd lap. Chris Byford Smith was crewing for Cooper and he sailed splendidly with the slow fleet. (more…)

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