Bridgewater Couple Prayed Like Hell to Survive Rocky Norwegian Cruise

A couple from Bridgewater had been aboard the cruise ship of Viking Sky which was caught in a bomb cyclone in Norway’s western coast over the weekend. Pamela Haddad had been afraid that he wasn’t going to make it off the cruise. Waves were pounding on the boat side. The chairs and tables were sliding across the dining room. There was no power and glass had been breaking down everywhere.

Pamela said that when you are surrounded by windows on all sides, you get to see what the ocean actually looks like. She says that it didn’t actually look good. She goes on to say that there were people who were shrugging it off saying that it wasn’t too bad and they knew what they are doing. However, she says that if you have ever seen The Perfect Storm, the movie, it appeared just like it. It had been quite rough.

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