Wild Oats XI Stuck In Controversy

Wild Oats XI has stuck between the controversies because of its overall length before Sydney to Hobart super maxi length.

According to reports Wild Oats XI does not comply with the rules and overall length of the boat is more than what is required. However, the skipper of boat Mark Richards and Australian sailing both disagree with the view and says, boat complies all the laws.

The book of David Salter Ragamuffin Man questioned the Wild Oats XI and said its length is not according to the rules of the Sydney to Hobart. The bow added in the hull of the boat is an integral part of the boat and this increases the size of super maxi beyond the limit set for competition. According to eligibility of Sydney to Hobart, the boat shall have a maximum overall length of 30.48 meters and overall hull length should not exceed the maximum length of 100 feet (Measured from stern to stern)

Till date Wild Oats XI has seen many modifications which cost approximately 2 million dollars.  Modifications were made in the boat to keep it size up to 100 feet.

Last year too boat came in controversy because of its size and that time Richards suppressed all the allegations before the race begin. He quickly reduced the size of yacht and took part in the competition. In the contest crew of Wild Oats XI was chasing honor victory of ninth line in a yacht. Richard Said “Wild Oat is a 12 year old boat and with the boat we have won many events and it holds a great track record. To participate in the Sydney to Hobart contest we have made many changes in boat and all have been done according to the book. Certain points mentioned in book were thrown at us, but we comply with the rules.‚ÄĚ

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