Will Sailing Get In Paralympic 2024?

After exclusion of sailing sports in Paralympic 2020 that will hold in Tokyo, Japan, entire sailing world and others in sports have joined hand to re-introduce sailing in Paralympic 2024. The fate of the sport will be decided in the annual conference of World Sailing 2016.

The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain on 8 November 2016, with many sailing oacross to the conference on a Split Flotilla Charter.  The conference will be shown live on the YouTube channel of World Sailing. Sports person associated with this game is hopeful and feeling motivated by the efforts of the Para World Sailing forum.

Those who want to participate in a conference of the Paralympic World Forum can follow the forum discussion from 14:30 – 17:30 local time on World Sailing’s YouTube Channel. The link to reach the program directly is here . The conference will held on 8 November at mention time.

In-order to engage people watching conference an interactive session along with question and answer session has also been introduced within the program. Viewers can ask questions from panel team by submitting questions through social media.

The keynote person associated with Paralympic sailing and Olympic will join this conference. Here emphasize will be given on how to re-introduce sailing in Paralympic considering multiple facet of the game.

The Paralympic held in Atlanta in the year 1996, introduced sailing sports within it for the first time. However, at the time of introduction, the game was taken into demonstrative sports. In year 2000, Sydney Paralympic, sailing became the medal sport. It became motivation for many and presently athletes from more than 80 countries are practicing this sport and participating in Paralympic.

Paralympic forum decided to exclude this game and announced 2020 Paralympic will not have sailing sports. The forum of Paralympic sailing is striving to re-introduce this game in 2024 Paralympic once again.

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